EP Robo Raiders Demo at Bradley FRC Tournament

The East Peoria Robo Raiders FTC team visited and demoed at the recent FRC tournament. FRC stands for FIRST Robotics Competition and is the next level up to FTC. The EP Robo Raiders hopes to one day move up to the next level with the proper amount of sponsoring.

This was one of the competitors of FRC during their competition in the arena.


DSCF1234This was our robot on the practice field for demonstration.

The tournament was held in the colosseum where basketball games are held for the Bradley Braves. The arenas were placed on the court floor and the top rim had food vendors and FTC teams. The EPRR’s booth was next a banner for FTC on the end. Their poster was set on the floor to the left with an fellow team’s poster farther over. Their robot was run in the practice arena but no competition was ensued. A coach for another team offered improvements that could have been made on the robot for the past years competition, Cascade Effect.

The competition’s spirit along with the teams for FRC showed EPRR what they have to look forward to and work to get to. The Pits for the teams left a big impact on our views of organizations and what to improve.


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